Love them Unanswered

There have been so many instances I end up saying to myself how much I regret knowing something I previously didn’t know all because I asked certain questions I wasn’t ready to bear the answers they came with. Every single day that passes comes along with a truck load of questions. Some, we can answer... Continue Reading →


Sealed Tears

Papa, I can’t do this anymore. I have been everything any single parent would wish his son to be. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t party, and I don’t even have a girlfriend. Up until age twenty three, I still stay with you in order for you to monitor my movements so that... Continue Reading →

The MirrorTalk

It was only 6am but I felt I had slept for eternity despite the fact that I slept very late the previous night knowing that the following day, today, was and is going to be Monday. Every paid up employee knows exactly what that means; dodging the traffic that sits unwanted on every major street... Continue Reading →

Normal Is You

What is normal? Take just fifteen seconds out of whatever time you have to answer the question up above. Let me guess. You used more than the given time to settle on an answer. Do you know why? It’s because there’s no one definition for Normal and for that matter your thoughts were scattered all... Continue Reading →

Death’s Sugar

Death… Geez! The chills that ran through the spine at the very mention of that particular five letter word which carries all sort of darkness and emptiness and void and space and pain and…I can’t go any further because we know it all whether we’ve felt its presence before or not. I am scared of... Continue Reading →

The Girly Mistake

We were beautiful together. We did everything together. I could have said we had fun going out too but the thing is we were not the outing couple. Ours was quite different. We watched movies together most of the time, spent our time sleeping on the floor and talking about everything and anything. In short,... Continue Reading →

You’re past your PAST

Life will forever be a mystery. As long as air gushes in and out of our bodies day and night, it’ll be one puzzle we only figure out close to its completion or sometimes never at all. Our lives are basically built on our actions and inactions, true or true - just like a jigsaw... Continue Reading →

Everyone’s got a Ghost

Do you believe Ghosts exist and do you believe they haunt the bad guys who are still living? These are questions that have been asked and have come out with many intriguing answers from the perspective of religion, culture and beliefs. Transparent vapory floating creatures that cannot be seen unless the choose to be seen,... Continue Reading →

Letter To My SideChick

Dear side chick, Using your real name could have been more appropriate. I have my reason and I'm sorry. This letter or whatever you'll call it is addressed to you as my side chick. Don’t argue about this because whichever name you’ve given to yourself in my life, the fact still remains, you’re my SIDE... Continue Reading →

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