The Girly Mistake

We were beautiful together. We did everything together. I could have said we had fun going out too but the thing is we were not the outing couple. Ours was quite different. We watched movies together most of the time, spent our time sleeping on the floor and talking about everything and anything. In short, I just thought we were the unique couple with quite an amazing and different relationship and I loved it that way.

He made me laugh. In fact, that was what attracted me to him, his sense of humor. The sort of attention he gave me was mind blowing. He did the simplest of things extra ordinarily and that made me fall in love with him each time all over again. We told each other everything, at least that was what we promised each other to do. We were just compatible and I knew we were going to be forever.

Who knew all of that needed time to change? He began to work but before that he promised nothing would change. He loved me. I saw it in his eyes, I felt it in his kisses, I heard it in his words but they were not enough at some point in our relationship. It was just not enough for me anymore.

The attention grew less with every passing day and the nights we talked endlessly stopped abruptly because he was always tired and our movie nights got cancelled with an excuse each time. He started keeping things from me. It was so obvious and I could feel it in my guts and I started thinking there was another girl because work alone couldn’t have eaten up his time. I suddenly felt unwanted and ignored and lost in his life.

I wasn’t ready to let him go because I loved but I hated the fact that things were changing and he couldnt see it. Thats how I saw it. I just needed to feel wanted and be showered with love just like before and Nick wasnt going to give me all those. Then Mark appeared from nowhere.

At first we were just casual friends. He texted me from time to time. He called just to keep me company. He knew I had Nick but it changed nothing. I didnt even know if it was supposed to change anything at all. But he was suddenly there all the time. We spoke everyday though he worked also. He passed by my place from work most of the time. Then I did the abominable; I begun to compare both Nick and Mark and that was the beginning of so many things I regretted.

Mark became an important part of my life. I told him the problems I was facing with Nick. Little did I know I was handing over to him the keys to ruin my relationship with Nick on a silver platter. I shared my every feeling with him. It went from regular calls to late night conversations. From normal visits to awesome outings. From hugs to pecks and then to kisses. It didn’t feel right because Nick was there but anytime I was with Mark, everything felt different and that nothing mattered anymore, not even the thought of Nick.

Now I was certain. Mark was everything I needed in a man. He was what I needed Nick to be but since Nick wasn’t ready to be that kind of guy, it was time for me to let him go. It was difficult but my happiness was at stake. If you were in my shoes, you’d have probably done the same thing but that felt right to me. I just didn’t think of telling Nick everything so we sort it out together and I wish I did.

I finally broke up with Nick. He begged me to stay but my mind was made up. I was free to be with Mark. I quickly entered into a new relationship with Mark thinking it would be better than the other one. For the first few months it was all bliss until I found out that he was married with two kids.

My world took a whole new turn. Who was I with? I sat down in my little corner and realized I knew him a lot less. I didn’t even know where he worked. All I wanted was attention and to be showered with love and I got that throwing all other factors away and now that has cost me my happiness and self-worth. I ruined the beautiful something I had with Nick and I wasn’t going to get that back. Ever!

Most girls make the same mistake over and over again. When we sense everything we once enjoyed in our current relationship is going on the low, the next available guy to give us all that becomes our knight in shining armor. They give us what we thirst for and when they get what they want, their charm wears off then we see the mistake we have made.

Its simple. Talk it out. That’s the only way to work this out. Communicate with each other and that broken bridge in your relationship wont deteriorate any further damage. Don’t throw something beautiful away just because what you need isn’t coming. Communicate and wait!

That’s all.


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